What’s the SatNav series?

It’s a collection of short discipleship journeys to help us follow the way of Jesus and work out our faith in a rapidly changing world.

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, our culture influences how we live and what we love. Sometimes, that can lead to us feeling disorientated or longing for wisdom to be faithful to God and fruitful in what he’s called us to.

So, we’re putting together a series of SatNav journeys to help us navigate towards a richer, deeper, fuller life with God and his kingdom purposes. Each journey addresses a different area of life, so we hope there’s one in this year’s season that connects particularly with you.

How does a SatNav journey work?

Each journey explores a particular topic or challenge. The journeys themselves have three stages – Orientation, Pit Stops, and Re-orientation (more detail here). They’re designed this way so that we can be formed in the life of Christ as well as informed about how to life it out day-by-day.

The journeys are never the last word on the subject. Rather they’re intended to cultivate deeper trust in God and resilience as disciples, develop richer friendships and do-able next steps in our journey with Jesus. Each journey is an investment of around 15 hours in your discipleship – creating space for the Spirit, engaging with the Bible, wrestling with our culture, and working out how to journey on in your context.

What SatNav journeys are available?

See here for the journeys now scheduled. Next up: Parenting faithfully in today’s world, starting 5 March 2022 – booking now.