Journey #1

Journey #1: Parenting faithfully in today’s world

Raising our children is one of the greatest callings on our lives. We cherish our kids but it’s also a challenge in these times. After all, life’s complicated in today’s world with the power of social media, pressures to perform and conflicting values and beliefs. So how can we orientate ourselves for this adventure as Christian parents for the sake of our children?

This SatNav journey is for parents with 0-10s. We start with an orientation session in-person for mums and dads separately (if you’re a single parent and need help with childcare please get in touch). Then there are three “pit stop” sessions by zoom to explore being the parents our children need, how to disciple our children at different ages and stages and parenting through the pressures of today’s world. Then we’ll finish with a re-orientation session all together where we can capture our convictions, pray and plan our journeys on.

We’d love you to join us, share your wisdom, and this journey together with other parents. Book your place here by 18th February 2022.  Have questions? Get in touch with Tash here.

Orientation A: Sat 5th Mar | 8.45am–1.15pm in person (dads) 

Orientation B: Sat 12th Mar | 8.45am–1.15pm in person

 Pit Stops: Thurs 17th Mar | Thurs 24th Mar |
Thurs 31st Mar
8pm-9.30m on zoom

Re-orientation: Sun 3rd April | 10am–noon in person